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Ultrasonic Ultrasound Skin Face Body Massage Massager


Aging. It's inevitable. But fortunately you can slow down the process. This anti-aging device helps eliminate fine wrinkles, firms skin, reduces eye bags and dark circles around the eyes. Sounds too good to be true. It's just science that's all. This miracle machine is safe to use and essentially harnesses the power of RGB (red, green, blue) optical rays together with ultrasound waves to make you young again. Get one for you, one for your mom, and one more for your best friend for life.

Voltage: AC 100V-240V
Output: 15V 400MA
Frequency: 3MHZ
Dimension: about 17x3.5x2.5cm
With a conversion adaper (EU plug)
Functions: Phototherapy function, Ultrasonic function, Deep cleaning, Importing nutrition and Lightwave care
With 36 adjustable phototherapy LEDs: R/G/B modes
Red light: repair
Blue light: Clean
Green light: whiten

1. Sterilization, Treat Acne and promote the recovery of the acne
2. Reduce and regulate sebum secretion and promote metabolism
3. Promote lymphatic and blood circulation and improve cell regeneration
4. The vibration and heat generated by the electrode because of current conduction have sedative and massage effects to skin.

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