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Handheld Bath Bathroom Shower Head Spray


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Wall-mount and handheld shower head
Shower head diameter: 11.2 cm
Head material: ABS
Head color: silver white
Strength setting: range 2
With LED light function
LED color: 3 colors ( green, blue, red )
LED quantity: 9
Handle length: 25 cm
Handle material: ABS
Handle color: silver white
Tap water pressure has to reach 0.15 MPa or more.
Hose thread diameter: international standard G1 / 2
Without washers
1. Built-in hydroelectric power system, don't need batteries or external power supply. The LED will be light up as soon as you connect it to water.
2. Two water effects: one is the inner ring cross ( small amount of water ) and the other one is outer ring expansion sprinkle ( large amount of water ).
3. The LED color will change according to the water temperature. Water temperature: ≤ 28 °C, LED light: blue; water temperature: 29 ~ 36 °C, LED light: green; water temperature: 37 ~ 43 °C, LED light: red; water temperature: ≥ 44 °C, LED light: red flashing.
4. With built-in decompression throttle valve, can control the water pressure effectively, expand the lifespan of the motor and save water; with filter in the throttle valve, can filter out impurities in the water to improve the quality of water and protect the motor

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