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Kitchen Ceramic Cutlery Knives + Peeler Kit


1. Long lasting sharp, never need sharpening, the abrasive resistance of precision ceramic is 60 times that of an ordinary kitchen knife.
2. Resist food oxidation, maintain authentic flavor.
3. No worry to cut onions and other spicy food any more. It will not let onions stimulate your eyes and let you enjoy favorite foods.
4. Ceramic knife can lock the food nutrition and preserve nutritional content of food.

Knife sheath: PP
Knife handle: ABS, surface rubber and plastic TPR
Knife blade: zirconia
Color: black
3" fruit knife: Blade size: 7.5 x 2 cm ( length x width )
Overall length: 17.5 cm
4" utility knife: Blade size: 10 x 2 cm ( length x width )
Overall length: 21 cm
5" chef knife: Blade size: 12.5 x 2.5 cm ( length x width )
Overall length: 24.5 cm
Peeler blade size: 4.2 cm, overall length: 13 cm

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